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Company History

The company started in 2010, we set up a company that was first in the Eastern Multimedia Company. Nearly two years we worked on multimedia video as production house.

In 2014 We study about digital marketing business that it quite famous at that time, because branding is more important at that time. We decide to increase team for help our clients on digital marketing business, such as website, application and SEO.

Marketing stuff
Social media
Website & Web design
3D & Multimedia & Graphic design
Pongsiri Chongpatiyutt




IDEA Planning
BRIEF + Content strategy

For first meet ,It’s the way that we try to sharing online solution to fix a problem of our consumer. By the way to communicate to other people with our brief paper. After we got a information from our client. We will know the way to make a content if consumer already have their own strategy. But if consumer don’t know the solution. Our team will suggest by create a content strategy desk


Concept design + Content calendar

Design is very important for communication. If client want us to work or represent the same direction, Design will be an answer for it.
Content calendar is also important for consumer to prove the content before we communicate to social or sharing.


Conclusion and Recommendation
Media recommendation + Statistical report

Media recommendation is a professional desk to offer or consumer by our company suggest to do for better way to attach or reach more people.
Statistical report is a desk for make conclusion from what we communicate to people ,which include Engagement rate, Positive/Negative ratio ,Most liked/Least liked ,Organic/Paid reach.

Result driven

Result driven is the way we think to meet the customer really. Whether it is sales awareness or whatsoever.

6 Years of

Over 6 year for experience, Our team are ready to help our consumer to fix any problem in any case.

Full service

Full service is from start to finish strategic planning, creative, production ,graphic design and even copy writer on article.

Solid team management

We are all a good team management Each people have their own potential that can interact with client.

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