Website and Software Development

Website / SEO / Application / E-mail marketing


We redesigned the website by professional designers and staff. With the modern site standard,
WordPress & WooCommerce is the most reliable and user-friendly in the world. We care about every detail. Take into account the quality and value that customers will receive.

Supports all kinds of devices, computers, mobile phones, tablets, the web is not distorted.

E-commerce website

Get an ecommerce website from small to public companies There is a system to edit all data behind the house itself. Able to add and edit product information by yourself Supports bank transfer and credit card payments.

Supports Marketing Codes

Supports all online marketing codes, whether Google Analytics, Remarketing, Tag Manager, Live Chat, Facebook Pixel for you to complete marketing.

Website design & system development

Design and develop systems with various languages such as VB.NET, C#, ASP.NET MVC, PHP, JAVA, HTML5 ,JavaScript or Mobile Application.

Support E-Catalog

Get an e-catalog website from small SME businesses to public companies There is a system to edit all data behind the house itself. Able to add and edit product information by yourself Support for requesting quotations via email and LINE We also provide one-on-one training with user manuals.

Boost SEO
Add the right keywords to your website to new customers Easier to find businesses. Guarantee that the website will be on the first page of Google for sure.

Build a ready-made website that meets all needs and expands its integrated marketing.



  • We utilize WordPress to its full advantage with the assistant of coding when necessary
  • We start off by design the structure of the website according to the brief and references you provide. So that you can have a clear picture of the website will look like. Then we proceed to develop options for you to choose. Lastly, if you are happy with the sign, you will be required to approve the design.
  • Our website development team support multiple languages including Thai, English, and Chinese with native proofreading staff in each language.
  • Additional costs applied if you do not have any contents for the default language.
  • We have a team of admins who are stand-by to support you whenever there is any problems occur. Also, our admin team will be responsible for updating contents on your website. This includes in the monthly admin service.


Digital marketing in this form when our business already has its own main website. and want to increase the number of reach on the website or want to drive conversions on our homepage This form of digital marketing is also an important part of planning your marketing efforts to make our website efficient and make the most of website making for our business.
SEO is the process by which a website or website name appears in the best position of search results through Search Engine such as Google.com, MSN.com, Yahoo.com, Sanook.com, etc. Search Keyword related to business information content articles articles and services.
SEM is an abbreviation for Search Engine Marketing. Online marketing through search engines on the Internet. By buying ads to make the website rank first on the search page (Paid Search) when searching for a specific keyword , this can be noticed by the word AD that appears in front of the name of our website. We pay money every time someone clicks on our ad.


We are an expert in Email marketing. We have the technology developed to provide 100% email marketing services. Usually emailed to the service Junk almost pulled out, but … We can fix it.
What are the benefits of Email Marketing?
  1. Increase the opportunity to sell more. Making Email Marketing in the form of informing promotions or special monthly discounts. This will result in increasing the chances of selling more products or services.
  2. Able to organize target groups more directly than other types of marketing. Email Marketing can sort email lists into categories according to the customer’s information.
  3. Set a budget for advertising for sure. 100% of advertising spending can be controlled. As a result, advertisers can allocate their advertising costs more efficiently.
  4. Measure the results of ads easily and quickly. can be measured and monitored By looking at the statistics of how many emails that have been sent have been opened and read how many percent
Email Marketing is suitable for any business.
  1. Businesses that want to increase sales opportunities
  2. Businesses that want to be a leader over competitors in online marketing
  3. Businesses that want to build good relationships with customers
Email Marketing Process
  1. Finding and collecting customer email information
• Website Subscription
• Make a channel for receiving news. from the website
• Free giveaways or to participate in activities with the website by filling in the Email information to be able to participate.
  1. Prepare tools for sending E-Mail to customers
  2. Measurement and Evaluation Measure how many emails were sent and how many people opened your email. This will help measure how many campaigns or e-mails you send can reach your target audience. And how much attention have you received?


Application services for both iOS and Andoird to work on both smartphones and tablets. By a team of skilled.


One of the most effective ways to reach your target today, we can make your customers easy to get into your products and services on Android, iOS, and Windows smartphones.


To enhance management and work flow of your company resource. Eliminate the repetitive tasks and increasing work performance.

Development team

We have a developer team that can develop a variety of softwares and applications such as ERP/CRM, mobile application, Architural software. It is a combination of knowledge and understanding, in logic, algorithms and user’s painpoints. Therefore, we synthesize a new, innovative, and actionable system and program that address your business’s requirements

Analytical step

  • Software Engineering
  • UX/UI Designer
  • Object-Oriented concept
  • Project managemer
  • System Development Life Cycle
  • Data Flow Diagram

System Analysis

In order to understand your business’s requirements, we organize a workshop session where we can learn about the current system. And using those information and insights to design a new system that meet user’s needs.


Our developer team is capable with coding and can offer customized solutions that addresses your business’s requirements and the needs of end-users.
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